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AQUAVIDA Pools specializes in Residential and Commercial swimming pool plastering and resurfacing. AQUAVIDA Pools offers the finest pool surfaces for Arizona pools and spas. We are members of the National Plasterers Council, Better Business Bureau, and The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals. We are a family owned and operated company with our own crews and equipment.

Today's swimming pool and spa owners have many reliable and beautiful interior surface options available to them. From the straightforward simplicity of standard white plaster to the multi-colored options of pebble surfaces. AQUAVIDA Pools is here to assist you in making the right decision on your swimming pool resurfacing and pool remodeling needs.

Our Experience

What does 19 years experience in the Arizona pool business mean to you? It means master craftsmanship from a pool remodeling company you can depend on for the life of your swimming pool. It means only the best materials in addition to professional, friendly service. It means getting the job done right the first time.

When it comes to replastering or remodeling your pool, only the best should do. We at AQUAVIDA Pools have numerous residential and commercial satisfied customers including Scottsdale Resort & Conference Center, Scottsdale Mirabel Clubhouse Pool , Scottsdale Sheraton Desert Oasis Resort, Scottsdale Villa San Marcos HOA, Phoenix Arioso City Lofts, Tempe Village Landing at The Lakes HOA, Phoenix Hampton Inn, Gilbert Villages of Park Village HOA, Scottsdale Mirasol Apartments, Phoenix Hilton Homewood Suites just to name a few. We transformed their pools and can do the same for you.

Our Craftsmanship

Our customers are comforted to know that we don't use subcontractors. We own a state of the art pool plastering truck and use our own finishers. Our professionals will complete each step of your pool project from beginning to end. It's also comforting to know that we only use plaster made with the finest natural materials available. We guarantee that our plaster surface will be water-tight and will not peel, blister or delaminate if cared for properly.

Our Preparation

Our professionals will evaluate your pool and recommend the best resurfacing method that is appropriate to meet your needs. You can trust us to recommend what is best for your pool.

Our Credentials

AQUAVIDA Pools is a member of The National Plasterers Council, The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals, and the Better Business Bureau.

While many of the pool plastering companies only carry a C-36R residential pool plastering contractor's license, allowing them to only replaster and repair tile, AQUAVIDA Pools holds a KA-5 Dual Residential and Commercial Swimming Pool Contractor license from the Arizona Registrar of Contractors . Our license number is 221559.

Because we carry a commercial and residential new pool builder's license, we can replace (not just repair) your tile and replaster your pool. We can also upgrade your pool filtration equipment with state of the art energy efficient heaters, pumps, filters and saltwater systems. We do concrete, decking, tile, coping, plumbing, electrical, brick work, deck toppings, masonry and offer many different colors and types of pool finishes.

Our Services

Whether your looking to give a fresh new look to your outdated pool or just want to give your backyard a makeover, we can help. We offer a huge variety of tile, natural stone, plaster, and replaster additives such as Pebble or 3M Colorquartz Crystals,Beadcrete. No one can make your pool sparkle again like AQUAVIDA Pools Remodeling of Phoenix Arizona.

Pool Repair & Remodeling

Rust & Rebar Stains - We completely cut out steel rebar stains coat the exposed portion with a special formulated rust inhibitor and fill them in with hydro-plug to ensure they will not return.

New Tile - Cracked tiles that are caused by earth movement indicate underlying problems. Often the tile and coping will need to be removed to help us evaluate the damage and ensure the new tile will adhere properly. To fix underlying cracks, we will either cut the crack open and fill it with bonding material and plaster or inject it with a highly durable epoxy.

Surface Cracks - This type of irregular cracking that often looks like spider webs occurs when the pool has been left empty or the plaster is old. These cracks do not indicate underlying problems and are removed during our normal chipout stripping techniques.

Add a Spa

Nothing says relax like a spa in your own backyard. Our experienced craftsmen can create a new spa to match your existing pool, or help you design the relaxing spa of your dreams.

Build a Reef Step

A reef step or sunshelf is a large step at the entrance of your pool that is usually 12" to 18" inches deep. It allows you to soak or lounge without being completely submerged under water. A reef step is also a great way to make your pool more toddler or pet friendly.

Raise the Deep End

Is your pool to deep? If so, did you know you can have it raised with our professional depth conversion? We can It's your backyard, don't settle for a pool that's less than perfect for you or your family. A more shallow pool can also help you keep your energy costs down.

Pool Deck Repair

If a new pool deck is not for you, we can repair your existing one. We can grind down lifted areas to remove tripping hazards, fill in cracks, cut out and replace broken expansion joints or remove and replace small sections of damaged concrete. Our acrylic deck applications are a timeless solution to enhancing the old traditional kool deck.

How Long Will it Take?

For your convenience, we schedule all are replastering projects to occur on consecutive days. The number of days will depend on the amount of work ordered and on weather conditions. However, here is a typical project schedule:

Day 1 - We drain your pool.

Day 2 - A chipout crew will remove your old plaster, tile, coping, etc.

Day 3 - Plumbing.

Day 4 - Your new tile is installed.

Day 5 - We plaster your pool and begin refilling it with water.

Our Finishes

Pool resurfacing has not changed much as far as the application process, however the products that go into the application have. This is a major decision for most pool owners when considering the surface that is right for you. The choices range on cost, color, and texture. As any product you purchase today there are pros and cons to all of them, and always a superior choice to the inferior. As we still apply white pool plaster, there are some notorious characteristics that come with this sort of application that compromises the structural integrity if not cared for properly.

The four pool surfaces we offer each have there place when resurfacing your pool. Plaster, Quartz, Pebble, and Beadcrete. Below is a short description of each surface application we install.

New Pool Tile

Last Spring you spent hours scouring away at your tile in your swimming pool and spa with a pumice stone. You were able to knock off all the calcium, and you were probably pretty proud of the shine you brought back to your old tile in your swimming pool and spa. But only a few months have passed, and you notice that annoying white build up has once again faded out the finish of your swimming pool and spa tile. Maybe you also see some cracked tile, or even worse, some tile has fallen off your swimming pool or spa. It could possibly be the time to replace that old, faded out, cracked tile with a new and exciting selection.

At AQUAVIDA Pools Remodeling, while we are replastering or remodeling your swimming pool and spa, we can also upgrade your existing swimming pool and spa tile. Maybe you would like an attractive sapphire blue tile with a glossy finish to compliment the blue water of your swimming pool and spa. Or possibly you prefer the more natural, earthy feel of stone tiles. Which ever your preference, AQUAVIDA Pools Remodeling can meet your needs. Contact us today for a free swimming pool and spa remodeling quote.

Below is just a small collection of the beautiful tiles we offer.

Pool Remodeling Process

  • Preparation

    Phase 1

    The first phase of your remodel project is draining your pool to the sewer cleanout or to the street in accordance with the city laws and regulations.

  • Interior Chipout

    Phase 2

    Once the pool is drained the interior surface is chipped out by jackhammers and air chisels. If you chose to replace your tile the existing tile will be removed at this phase.

  • Construction

    Phase 3

    The construction phase includes additions such as water leveler, dedicated suction line, decking, tile, water features, boulders, new equipment, plumbing, barbeque, and fireplaces.

  • Interior Surface

    Phase 4

    The process of the interior surface phase varies depending on the surface you select. Pebble, Plaster, and 3M Quartz, are all applied by a pressurized spray nozzle. The finishing touch is then done by hand trowel to a smooth finish. If you chose pebble the following work day the surface is acid washed to reveal the pebbles natural beauty.

  • Pool Fill

    Phase 5

    This phase consists of filling the pool full of water after your new surface has been installed. This takes approximately 12-30 hours depending on the size of your pool. Once the process of filling has begun, do not stop the water until it has reached the middle of the water line tile. Failure to follow these filling instructions may result in discoloration and/or imperfections in your new interior surface.

  • Start-Up

    Phase 6

    The start-up phase consists of adding all necessary chemicals to balance the water and mechanically start-up all pumps. This phase will also be the time to instruct you on the operation and maintenance of your new equipment and surface. There will be some surface brushing that will be necessary to eliminate residue left over from the new interior surface application process. After this phase your pool is swim ready.

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Contact AQUAVIDA Pools today for all your pool remodeling ideas and a free consultation for all of your Arizona pool resurfacing and pool remodeling costs. AQUAVIDA Pools is a licensed Arizona swimming pool contractor, swimming pool builder and remodeling company.

AQUAVIDA Pools looks forward to hearing from you. Contact us today for a complimentary on-site visit. AQUAVIDA Pools is a fully licensed, bonded and insured corporation. Our Arizona Registrar of Contractors license is ROC 221559. Call us now or fill out our form below.

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